IT Consultancy Courses in Devon & Somerset

Sometimes training is not the solution.  Sometimes you don't have the time or the need to learn expert or specialist skills.  So what you need are our user-friendly consultancy solutions.

SJM Training has helped many clients by producing a customised solution for them – ranging from a simple set-up of a spreadsheet or document template through to a fully automated system. 

Consultancy services include:

  • Management Information (MI) Reporting in Excel – produce regular reports at the click of a button; the code we write does all the work in the background, quickly and reliably
  • Word templates – creation of long documents with variable information such as legal contracts; our user forms and code ensure that the correct paragraphs and information are inserted reducing checking time
  • Forensic troubleshooting – is this a familiar story?  You have a spreadsheet developed by someone who has now left the company.  No one knows how it works or how to make changes safely!  We can investigate and explain.
  • Key Person resilience – is this a familiar story?  Only one person really knows how to use a particular aspect of your system and all the knowledge is in their head. This single point of failure could be dangerous to your business; what happens if they are ill or leave?  We can capture and document their knowledge.