IT Training Courses in Devon & Somerset

We work in partnership with our clients to help them identify their training needs and deliver a training programme tailored to support change management processes or business as usual.  Whether the programme is one or several sessions, it will be designed to meet your needs.

Our training teaches you the features you need to perform your job.  This dramatically reduces the time you spend learning and helps increase your retention of new knowledge.  Using over 25 years' experience in IT Training we offer a range of approaches to ensure you can find the training method that is best to your needs.

Training Delivery

Our training is flexible in content, flexible in delivery.  Our clients tell us that they want a choice of learning styles.  These can be:

  • Full one or two day courses – these provide in-depth training on all relevant areas of the application
  • Half day modules – these focus on skills in a particular area or provide an overview
  • One-to-one troubleshooting sessions – 1 to 1.5 hours in length, these provide an opportunity to look at specific work-related issues or allow delegates to proceed at their own pace rather than learn in a group situation
  • "Out of hours" training – yes we have requests for this!  These are bite-size sessions on a specific topic over "learning lunches" or before and after normal office hours

Most of our training takes place at your site.  This gives you a low cost solution that enables company-specific issues to be incorporated.  However, off-site training venues can be provided on request.