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About SJM

I'm Sally Williams and I have been trading under the name of SJM Training since the early days of personal computers and Microsoft.  So I have followed the development of Microsoft Office and its features through all the version updates from the early 90s. As well as training, I have worked in a number of clients' premises so I have real life experience outside the classroom in how people use applications and what they want to do. There are similarities across organisations, whether public or private, large or small.

As a result of this, I am passionate about delivering training that adds value. I get pleasure from seeing the penny drop and the expression on people’s faces when they realise how they can accomplish a task they do frequently. I love hearing the phrases “this is going to change my life!” or “I wish I had known this six months ago!”  Although with the latter, I wish I had been able to teach them six months ago!

I find great personal satisfaction in helping people solve their problems, improve their knowledge and make their working lives easier. And of course, in the majority of cases, helping individuals as employees also helps the organisation they work for.

Through SJM Training I have provided training and consultancy services for organisations ranging from individuals, small businesses and training companies to large corporations and government bodies.  Over the years I have assembled a team of professional IT training consultants, who all share the same ethos of delivering excellent customer service.  As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals.

What makes SJM Training different?

There are many excellent courses in the public domain run by excellent trainers but their content is often based on dividing topics into introduction, intermediate and advanced levels. So how is my training different?

I like to discuss what it is you are trying to achieve. My experience means I can ask the right questions as you don’t always know what to ask for. Then I can put together a customised outline to cover the topics you need to know to do your everyday work or achieve a desired outcome. This makes training relevant to the delegates, leading to faster application of knowledge back in the workplace and better retention.  In addition, I make sure that delegates really understand why they are learning these features and their full functionality so that they can apply them successfully in the future, under different circumstances or roles.

I have also been developing solutions in Word and Excel since the early days, including writing programming code, so I really understand what makes this software tick.


Sally was running training courses for Microsoft in the early 1990s so became one of the earliest Microsoft Certified Trainers and subsequently Product Specialist.

Sally is a Member of the Learning and Performance Institute.