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Excel Reporting Solutions

25th February 2017
A workshop delivered recently for members of the Somerset Chamber of Commerce.

Excel spreadsheets are an ideal tool for making sense of large amounts of data.  But sometimes it is hard to find the all the options available in Excel's toolkit, or the most appropriate one to produce the analysis you need.  People who have been using Excel for years often don't realise what new features have been introduced in more recent versions.  Attending a refresher training session can be a cost and time effective way of getting up-to-date with the variety of data analysis features and functions in Excel, as well as learning lots of tips and shortcuts – particularly useful for people who may have taught themselves some of the features

The Reporting Solutions in Excel Workshop, run in conjunction with the Somerset Chamber of Commerce, offered both these benefits to the delegates.  Some delegates may have been familiar with some of the features covered on the Workshop, such as Sorting and Filtering, but the Workshop looked at applying these on a Table with a Total Row, to give a new perspective on a long-standing feature.  It would be impossible to discuss the analysis of data without looking at Pivot Tables and also the creation of Pivot Charts to display the results graphically.  The imaginative use of Slicers as visual filters for these features added an extra dimension.

The Workshop was enthusiastically received, both by delegates who already knew some of the content and those who were learning features for the first time.  Feedback comments included:

  • Finally I have learnt how to do and understand Pivot Tables!
  • Sally was outstanding both in content and style of presentation. Very useful workshop.
  • Amazing to learn so much in such a short time.
  • I found this workshop very useful as a refresher to Excel, and a good introduction to some of the tools I had not been confident in using until now.
  • A very useful workshop - excel-lent!
  • Excellent workshop that has helped expand my knowledge of Excel

SJM Training offers different types of training.  If you think that a workshop session would suit your company's needs better than a training course then please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your options.

Excel Reporting Solutions Workshop run for Somerset Chamber of Commerce
Delegates and trainer in the meeting room