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Numatic International

Design and delivery of bespoke Office 365 Training Needs Analysis and Training Sessions

Requirement:  Enable staff to reach a desired level of knowledge and confidence in Office 365 by means of TNA and bespoke training. 

Solution:  Numatic, famous for the iconic 'Henry' vacuum cleaner, were keen to establish an ongoing relationship with a local training company who could provide their Office 365 training requirements.  Learning & Development had identified teams who needed to gain a certain level of knowledge to achieve objectives set by management.  As some of the prospective delegates had little experience in using laptops and Office 365, it was decided to assess current skill levels first on a 1:1 basis.  Depending on the outcome, training sessions could be delivered 1:1 or in small groups. 

SJM Training conducted an initial Training Needs Analysis covering Office 365 features such as OneDrive and Teams as well as Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel.  Individual training sessions were then tailored to cover topics at the level required for each delegate. In addition, group training sessions were also delivered on Collaborative Working and Intermediate Excel topics.  

The initial training was conducted face-to-face before Covid-19.  Subsequently, assessments and training moved online via Microsoft Teams. An online course on Excel Pivot Tables has proved particularly popular across all departments.  Since 2021 the training schedule for Excel comprises customised sessions of two or three hours duration.  This modular approach ensures that the training can be carried out in the classroom or online, as circumstances dictate. Introductory sessions are designed to give inexperienced users the knowledge and confidence to work with their data in Excel. More advanced sessions cover features for reporting and analysis of data including new dynamic array functions and using Power Query and Power Pivot.  Exercise material is based on Numatic's own data to maximise relevance to delegates.

In 2022 Introductory and Intermediate training on Word and PowerPoint was introduced.  The PowerPoint course material was customised around the corporate template.